Programming Languages & Verification

The group’s research focuses on the principles, design and implementation of programming languages and on foundational techniques and practical tools for analyzing, testing, and verifying programs against their correctness specifications.

Recent research has developed techniques for verifying compilers and other critical software, and tools for testing and/or verifying concurrent systems.


Research Spotlight: Software Engineering for Machine Learning

April 2020
We apply techniques from Software Engineering--including static analysis and test generation--to validate and verify properties of neural networks, such as robustness and fairness.

Research Spotlight: Logic and Learning

January 2020
We help engineers build safe and reliable hardware, software, and cyber-physical systems, using a unique and promising strategy: combining inductive techniques (from the area of machine learning) with deductive techniques (from the area of mathematical logic).

MPI-SWS student receives best presentation award at the iFM'19 PhD Symposium

December 2019
Debasmita Lohar has received an award for the best talk presented at the iFM 2019 PhD Symposium.

Max Planck researchers publish 8 papers at POPL 2020 + a new record!

November 2019
Max Planck Researchers have authored eight papers to appear in POPL 2020, just over 10% of all papers accepted this year.

Former MPI-SWS postdoc receives ERC starting grant

September 2019
Former MPI-SWS postdoc Ori Lahav was awarded an ERC starting grant on "Verification-Aware Programming Language Concurrency Semantics".