Programming Languages & Verification

The group’s research focuses on the principles, design and implementation of programming languages and on foundational techniques and practical tools for analyzing, testing, and verifying programs against their correctness specifications.

Recent research has developed techniques for verifying compilers and other critical software, and tools for testing and/or verifying concurrent systems.


Joël Ouaknine appointed ACM Fellow

January 2022
Joël Ouaknine was appointed as a Fellow by the Association for Computing Machinery, for his contributions to algorithmic analysis of dynamical systems.

Bob Harper receives ACM SIGPLAN Achievement Award

January 2022
MPI-SWS external scientific member Bob Harper has received the 2021 ACM SIGPLAN Programming Languages Achievement Award---the most significant international career award in programming languages.

Max Planck researchers publish 11 papers at POPL 2022!

December 2021
Max Planck researchers have authored eleven papers to appear in POPL 2022, almost 17% of all papers accepted this year.

Sumit Gulwani awarded 2021 Max Planck Humboldt Medal

September 2021
Sumit Gulwani, a scientist at Microsoft Research, has been awarded the 2021 Max Planck-Humboldt Medal. He will collaborate with Rupak Majumdar and Adish Singla on the problem of AI in Education.

MPI-SWS students receive ACM SIGPLAN Dissertation Award two years in a row

September 2021
Ralf Jung's thesis has received the 2021 ACM SIGPLAN Dissertation Award, marking the second year in a row that the award was given to an MPI-SWS student.