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Not Your Typical Objects: Made from Raw Materials Augmented with Sensing and Computation

Phillip Stanley-Marbell
University of Cambridge
SWS Colloquium
21 Aug 2018, 2:00 pm - 3:00 pm
Kaiserslautern building G26, room 111
simultaneous videocast to Saarbrücken building E1 5, room 029
Materials and manufacturing processes can be made to adapt to the way in which their end-products are used, by imbuing raw materials with sensing and computation elements. By making the algorithms that run on these computing elements aware of the physics of the objects in which they are embedded, computation-and-sensing augmented materials could change the way we think about the border between inanimate objects and computing systems. One way to exploit knowledge about the physical world in the programs running on (or in) these objects is to exploit the fact that these programs can often tolerate noise and other deviations from correctness in their input data. This talk will highlight research that builds on these observations.