Distributed, Networked & Mobile Systems

Distributed/Mobile systems research at MPI-SWS focuses on the design, implementation, and evaluation of distributed and mobile software systems that are dependable and highly available. Recent research in the group has focused on building systems resistant to arbitrary faults, scalable eventually-consistent services, systems with strong data confidentiality and integrity guarantees, as well as privacy-preserving and secure platforms for mobile social applications.


MPI-SWS faculty organizing SOSP 2021

February 2020
Three MPI-SWS faculty have been selected as the local organizers for SOSP 2021.

Eight new systems students to join MPI-SWS

October 2019
Eight new students will be joining MPI-SWS this year in the area of Distributed, Networked, and Mobile Systems.

Operating Systems course at Saarland University

September 2019
The Winter 2019/2020 Operating Systems course at Saarland University is being co-taught by three MPI-SWS faculty and an MPI-SWS doctoral student.

Paper by MPI-SWS researchers wins both a 2019 Usenix Security Symposium Distinguished Paper Award and the Usenix/Facebook Internet Defense Prize

August 2019
A paper by MPI-SWS researchers has won both a distinguished paper award and the Internet Defense Prize at the 2019 Usenix Security Conference.

Keon Jang joins MPI-SWS

June 2019
Keon Jang has joined the institute as a tenure-track faculty member, effective February 1, 2019.