Distributed, Networked & Mobile Systems

Distributed/Mobile systems research at MPI-SWS focuses on the design, implementation, and evaluation of distributed and mobile software systems that are dependable and highly available. Recent research in the group has focused on building systems resistant to arbitrary faults, scalable eventually-consistent services, systems with strong data confidentiality and integrity guarantees, as well as privacy-preserving and secure platforms for mobile social applications.


Aastha Mehta invited to attend Rising Stars Workshop

September 2018
MPI-SWS Ph.D. student Aastha Mehta is one of only three students from a European university selected to attend the Rising Stars Workshop, which will be held at MIT in October 2018.

Arpan Gujarati wins Middleware 2017 Best Student Paper Award

December 2017
MPI-SWS PhD student Arpan Gujarati has won the Middleware 2017 Best Student Paper award for his paper "Swayam: Distributed Autoscaling to Meet SLAs of Machine Learning Inference Services with Resource Efficiency”.

Multiple Tenure-Track Faculty Openings

September 2017
Applications are invited for faculty positions at all career stages in computer science, with a particular emphasis on systems (broadly construed).

Krishna Gummadi and Peter Druschel win ACM SIGCOMM test-of-time award

July 2017
MPI-SWS researchers have received the SIGCOMM Test of Time Award for their 2007 paper on "Measurement and Analysis of Online Social Networks."

Reinhard Munz interns at Nokia/Bell Labs

February 2017
Reinhard Munz, a doctoral student in Paul Francis' group, is doing an internship at Nokia/Bell Labs.




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