Security & Privacy

Security and privacy research at MPI-SWS focuses on foundational and practical aspects of security, trust, privacy and accountability in computer systems. Recent research in the group has focused on Web browser security, privacy-preserving Web analytics and advertising systems, trustworthy storage, anonymity networks, formal analysis of security properties, privacy-preserving mobile applications, privacy and trust in online social networks and accountability in distributed systems.


Article on the failure of Differential Privacy reaches 1000 views

January 2020
On January 9, 2020, faculty member Paul Francis published the article Dear Differential Privacy: Put Up or Shut Up, on Medium. The article, which has now reached 1000 views, describes the failure of Differential Privacy as the basis for data protection in the Facebook / Social Sciences One project.

Paper by MPI-SWS researchers wins both a 2019 Usenix Security Symposium Distinguished Paper Award and the Usenix/Facebook Internet Defense Prize

August 2019
A paper by MPI-SWS researchers has won both a distinguished paper award and the Internet Defense Prize at the 2019 Usenix Security Conference.

MPI-SWS researcher receives CSF 2019 Distinguished Paper Award

June 2019
MPI-SWS researcher Deepak Garg, along with his external collaborators, has been awarded a Distinguished Paper Award at the 2019 IEEE Computer Security Foundations Symposium (CSF 2019). 

Francis' work on anonymity mentioned in Nature article

March 2019
An article in the career guide of Nature titled "How Germany is winning at turning its research to commercial application" mentions the work of Paul Francis' group on anonymization and the spinoff Aircloak.

Research Spotlight: A General Data Anonymity Measure

January 2019
Research Spotlight: A General Data Anonymity Measure