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Security and privacy research at MPI-SWS focuses on foundational and practical aspects of security, trust, privacy and accountability in computer systems. Recent research in the group has focused on Web browser security, privacy-preserving Web analytics and advertising systems, trustworthy storage, anonymity networks, formal analysis of security properties, privacy-preserving mobile applications, privacy and trust in online social networks and accountability in distributed systems.


Francis' work on anonymity mentioned in Nature article

March 2019
An article in the career guide of Nature titled "How Germany is winning at turning its research to commercial application" mentions the work of Paul Francis' group on anonymization and the spinoff Aircloak.

Francis' group launches Open GDA Score Project

January 2019
We have launched the Open GDA Score Project at  This is an open project to develop a set of tools and databases to generate anonymity scores for any data anonymization technique.

Krishna Gummadi and Alan Mislove awarded a Facebook "Secure the Internet" grant

October 2018
MPI-SWS faculty member Krishna Gummadi and MPI-SWS alumnus Alan Mislove have been awarded a $60,000 "Secure the Internet" grant by Facebook.

Aastha Mehta invited to attend Rising Stars Workshop

September 2018
MPI-SWS Ph.D. student Aastha Mehta is one of only three students from a European university selected to attend the Rising Stars Workshop, which will be held at MIT in October 2018.

French Data Protection Authority CNIL Republishes Francis' Article

September 2018
The French Data Protection Authority CNIL has recognized the benefits of Diffix anonymization by republishing an article by Paul Francis in which the utility of Diffix anonymization is highlighted.


Extended Diffix.

Paul Francis, Sebastian Probst Eide, Pawel Obrok, Cristian Berneanu, Sasa Juric, Reinhard Munz.
CoRR 2018.



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