Algorithms, Theory & Logic

The algorithms, theory, and logic theme encompasses our research into the mathematical underpinnings of computer science and the application of foundational ideas to concrete applications in many different areas of computer science. Our research spans both algorithms, decidability, and complexity as well as logic, semantics, and proof theory.


Research Spotlight: Logic and Learning

January 2020
We help engineers build safe and reliable hardware, software, and cyber-physical systems, using a unique and promising strategy: combining inductive techniques (from the area of machine learning) with deductive techniques (from the area of mathematical logic).

Filip Mazowiecki joins MPI-SWS

September 2019
Filip Mazowiecki has joined the institute as a research group leader. His research focuses on the theoretical analysis of models like Petri nets and weighted automata, working on fundamental questions like reachability and equivalence.

Advanced Automata Theory Course at TU Kaiserslautern

May 2019
Damien Zufferey and Daniel Neider are co-teaching Advanced Automata Theory in summer 2019 at the University of Kaiserslautern.

Georg Zetzsche joins MPI-SWS

November 2018
Georg Zetzsche has joined the institute as a tenure-track faculty member. His research focuses on issues of decidability, complexity, synthesis, and expressiveness arising in program verification and mathematics.

Research Spotlight: From Newton to Turing to cyber-physical systems

February 2018
MPI-SWS researchers are investigating what classes of infinite-state programs can be analyzed algorithmically by viewing computer programs abstractly as dynamical systems.