News 2018

Social & Information Systems

Krishna Gummadi and Alan Mislove awarded a Facebook "Secure the Internet" grant

October 2018
MPI-SWS faculty member Krishna Gummadi and MPI-SWS alumnus Alan Mislove have been awarded a "Secure the Internet" grant by Facebook. Their proposal, “Towards privacy-protecting aggregate statistics in PII-based targeted advertising,” has been awarded $60,000 to develop techniques for revealing advertising statistics that provide hard guarantees of user privacy, based on a (principles-first) approach. Their goal is to develop a differential privacy-like approach that can be applied to existing advertising systems.

The Facebook "Secure the Internet" grant program is designed to improve the security, privacy, and safety of internet users. Gummadi and Mislove's proposal was one of only 10 winning proposals, which were together awarded more than $800,000 by Facebook.

Five MPI-SWS papers accepted at NIPS 2018

October 2018
The following five MPI-SWS papers have been accepted to NIPS 2018, the flagship conference in machine learning:

  • Fairness Behind a Veil of Ignorance: A Welfare Analysis for Automated Decision Making

  • Teaching Inverse Reinforcement Learners via Features and Demonstrations

  • Understanding the Role of Adaptivity in Machine Teaching: The Case of Version Space Learners

  • Deep Reinforcement Learning of Marked Temporal Point Processes

  • Enhancing the Accuracy and Fairness of Human Decision Making


Four MPI-SWS papers accepted at AAAI 2018

February 2018
Four papers from MPI-SWS have been accepted to AAAI 2018:
  • Beyond Distributive Fairness in Algorithmic Decision Making: Feature Selection for Procedurally Fair Learning
  • Learning to Interact with Learning Agents
  • Information Gathering with Peers: Submodular Optimization with Peer-Prediction Constraints
  • Learning User Preferences to Incentivize Exploration in the Sharing Economy

Three MPI-SWS papers accepted at WWW 2018

February 2018
Three papers from MPI-SWS have been accepted to the 2018 Web Conference:

  • Human Perceptions of Fairness in Algorithmic Decision Making: A Case Study of Criminal Risk Prediction

  • On the Causal Effect of Badges

  • Fake News Detection in Social Networks via Crowd Signals