News 2016

Social & Information Systems

Five MPI-SWS papers accepted at WWW '17

December 2016
Five papers from MPI-SWS have been accepted to WWW 2017:

  • Fairness Beyond Disparate Treatment & Disparate Impact: Learning Classification without Disparate Mistreatment

  • Modeling the Dynamics of Online Learning Activity

  • Distilling Information Reliability and Source Trustworthiness from Digital Traces

  • Optimizing the Recency-Relevancy Trade-off in Online News Recommendations

  • Predicting the Success of Online Petitions Leveraging Multi-dimensional Time-Series

The 26th International World Wide Web Conference (WWW) will take place in Perth, Australia in April 2017.

Two MPI-SWS papers accepted at WSDM'17

October 2016
Two papers from MPI-SWS were accepted to ACM WSDM 2017:

  • RedQueen: An Online Algorithm for Smart Broadcasting in Social Networks

  • Uncovering the Dynamics of Crowdlearning and the Value of Knowledge

Visiting Professor Patrick Loiseau receives Humboldt award

Patrick Loiseau, an Assistant Professor in the Data Science department at EURECOM, has been selected for a prestigious Humboldt Research Award from the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation. This award provides support for him to spend up to a year at the institute, where he will work with Krishna Gummadi and other MPI-SWS researchers on security and privacy issues in social computing systems.