The Max Planck Institute for Software Systems

studies the principles of efficient, dependable, secure, and usable computing systems, as well as their interaction with the physical and social context in which they operate.

We conduct foundational research in relevant areas of computer science and beyond, covering theory, empirical analysis, and data-driven investigation. We seek impact through publications, artifacts, and people.


ETAPS dissertation award and CACM article for Ralf Jung and his work on Rust

March 11, 2021
Ralf Jung receives 2021 ETAPS dissertation award. His work on Rust was also featured in a recent CACM article.

Joël Ouaknine elected member of Academia Europaea

September 24, 2020
MPI-SWS faculty member Joël Ouaknine has been elected a member of the Academia Europaea in 2020.

Anne-Kathrin Schmuck receives Emmy Noether Award

September 1, 2020
MPI-SWS postdoctoral fellow Anne-Kathrin Schmuck was accepted to the Emmy Noether Programme of the German Science Foundation (DFG) to establish her own research group developing "Automated modular synthesis techniques for reliable Cyber-Physical System (CPS) design".

Research Spotlight: Software Engineering for Machine Learning

April 21, 2020
We apply techniques from Software Engineering--including static analysis and test generation--to validate and verify properties of neural networks, such as robustness and fairness.

Max Planck researchers publish 8 papers at POPL 2020 + a new record!

November 13, 2019
Max Planck Researchers have authored eight papers to appear in POPL 2020, just over 10% of all papers accepted this year.