Travel information Saarbrücken

Getting to Saarbrücken

Saarbrücken is located in the southwest of Germany, directly on the French border, about halfway between Luxembourg City and Strasbourg. Saarbrücken can be reached:

By Plane

Saarbrücken airport (SCN) offers daily non-stop flights to a number of European cities including Berlin, Hamburg, Luxembourg, and Palma de Mallorca. A taxi ride from the airport takes about 20 minutes (EUR 20). Alternatively, a local bus (R10) will take you from the airport (Saarbruecken Flughafen) to the city center in 15 to 25 minutes (2.40 EUR). The bus runs approximately once an hour from 5am to 8:45pm on weekdays. Hours are shorter on weekends. For details see the R10 timetable.

Frankfurt airport (FRA), the second biggest hub in Europe, is convenient for travellers from most other destinations. It's 1½ hours away by car, and 2 to 2½ hours by train. For instructions on getting from Frankfurt airport to Saarbrücken by train, see "By Train" below.

Paris's two major airports (CDG and ORY) are also an option. Use public transportation or a taxi to travel from either airport to the Gare de l'Est train station. From there it is a two-hour journey by direct high-speed train.

Visitors traveling from certain destinations within Europe may also wish to consider using Luxair to Luxembourg (LUX) (1 hour by car) or Ryanair to Frankfurt Hahn (HHN) (1½ hours by car).

By Train

Saarbrücken is connected to the Deutsche Bahn's (German Railways) ICE and IC/EC high-speed network. Paris can be reached via high-speed train in 1 hour 50 minutes, Frankfurt in 2 hours, and London in 5 hours.

There are also daily trains to cities in the northwest via Koblenz or Trier, to the northeast via Mainz, to the east via Mannheim, and to France via Metz or Strasbourg. A direct bus travels from the train station to Luxembourg several times a day.

For train schedules and tickets please use the Deutsche Bahn English website. Enter your destination as "Saarbruecken Hbf" (the Saarbrücken Central Station). For directions on how to get to campus from the Saarbrücken train station, please see "Getting to campus" below.

Frankfurt airport: Trains for Saarbrücken depart from the train stations directly underneath Frankfurt airport approximately every half hour. High-speed trains leave from the long-distance train terminal (Fernbahnhof), and require a transfer in Mannheim. The journey takes about 2 to 2½ hours, depending on the layover time. Direct regional trains leave from the regional train terminal (Regionalbahnhof) every two hours, and take 2½ hours. The regional trains travel through Mainz, but no transfer is required. For Frankfurt Airport use the airport code ("FRA") for your departure location. This code covers both the regional and long-distance train stations.

By Car

Saarbrücken is connected to the German Autobahn system, and within a few hours drive of a number of major cities in Germany, France, Luxembourg, Belgium, and Switzerland (map of distances).

GPS Coordinates:
49° 15' 27.37" N
07° 2' 46.85" E

It's easiest to enter campus using the East entrance of Saarland University (Universität-Ost). You'll pass the restaurant "Stuhlsatzenhausweg" on your right. After 100 meters turn left into the parking garage. Exit the parking garage, cross the street and the MPI-SWS building (E1 5) will be immediately ahead to your right. (See campus map below under "Finding the MPI-SWS building.")

Getting to Campus

The institute is located on the campus of Saarland University, which is about 5 km northeast of the center of Saarbrücken.

By Taxi

A taxi ride from the main train station or the city center takes about 10 to 15 minutes (EUR 8). Tell the driver you want to go to "Campus E 1 5".

By Bus

A bus from the main train station or the city center takes about 15 to 20 minutes (EUR 2.40). Exit the bus at the Universität Mensa or Universität Bussterminal stop. See the exact location of the bus stops on the campus map below.

  • From the main train station (stop: Saarbruecken Hauptbahnhof) take bus 102, 112, or 124. The bus stop is directly across from the train station, next to the McDonalds.
  • From the city centre (stop: Altes Rathaus) take bus 101, 102, 109, 111, or 150.

  • Most bus lines depart every 30 minutes. For more detailed information, please see the bus timetables.

    By Bicycle or Foot

    There are a number of bike routes to campus, either on the roads or through the wooded areas surrounding Saarbruecken.

    Finding the MPI-SWS building

    The institute is located in building E1 5 in the northeast corner of the campus of Saarland University. The main office is on the fourth floor, at the north end of the building.