“Computer systems permeate
every aspect of human endeavor”

The Max Planck Institute for Software Systems conducts high-risk, high-impact research in all areas related to the design, analysis, modeling, implementation and evaluation of complex software systems.

It is one of eighty institutes run by the Max Planck Society, which is world-renowned for its basic research in medicine, biology, chemistry, physics, technology and the humanities.


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MPI-SWS researchers win ERC Synergy Grant

MPI-SWS directors Peter Druschel and Rupak Majumdar, along with Gerhard Weikum (Scientific Director at the MPI for Informatics) and Michael Backes (MPI-SWS Fellow and Professor at Saarland University), have jointly won the prestigious ERC Synergy Grant.

Over the next six years their project "imPACT: Privacy, Accountability, Compliance, and Trust in Tomorrow's Internet" will receive almost 10 million euros, which will allow them to explore how to protect users against eavesdropping and fraud on the Internet without restricting trade, freedom of expression or access to information.


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