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Since October 2010, I am a tenure-track researcher at MPI-SWS working on software verification. Previously, I was a post-doctoral researcher at the University of Cambridge Computer Laboratory and Microsoft Research Cambridge. My undergraduate studies and PhD were both at the University of Cambridge.

I am generally interested in programming languages and verification with an emphasis on concurrency. The focus areas of my work have been:

Teaching Concurrency theory (SS2014), Concurrent program logics (SS2011)

Program committees ICFEM 2015, TASE 2015, PDP/4PAD 2015, Coq 2014 (co-chair), ICFEM 2014, POPL 2014, Coq 2013, ICFEM 2013, SEFM 2013, PCI 2013, TASE 2013, PLDI 2013 (ERC), POPL 2013 (ERC), ICFEM 2012, SEFM 2012, CPP 2011, APLAS 2011, ICFEM 2011, CAV 2011, VS-Theory 2010, FTfJP 2010

Current post-doc Ori Lahav

Current students Soham Chakraborty, Marko Doko

Some collaborators Thibaut Balabonski, Josh Berdine, Byron Cook, Cristiano Calcagno, Allen Clement, Dino Distefano, Mike Dodds, Derek Dreyer, Xinyu Feng, Alexey Gotsman, Tom Henzinger, Maurice Herlihy, Tony Hoare, Gil Hur, Suresh Jagannathan, Xiao Jia, Neel Krishnaswami, João Leitão, Cheng Li, Nuno Preguiça, Alan Mycroft, Chinmay Narayan, Aleks Nanevski, Georg Neis, Matthew Parkinson, Rodrigo Rodrigues, Peter Sewell, Ali Sezgin, Marc Shapiro, Francesco Zappa Nardelli, Beta Ziliani.

Recent papers

LMCS Aspect-oriented linearizability proofs (with Chakraborty, Henzinger, Sezgin)
Subm. Pilsner: A compositionally verified compiler for a higher-order imperative language (with Neis, Hur, Kaiser, McLaughlin, Dreyer)
ECOOP'15 Asynchronous liquid separation types (with Kloos, Majumdar)
PLDI'15 Verifying read-copy-update in a logic for weak memory (with Tassarotti, Dreyer)
PLDI'15 A formal C memory model supporting integer-pointer casts (with Kang, Hur, Mansky, Garbuzov, Zdancewic)
CPP'15 Proving lock-freedom easily and automatically (with Jia, Li) [Project page]
POPL'15 Common compiler optimisations are invalid in the C11 memory model and what we can do about it (with Balabonski, Chakraborty, Morisset, Zappa Nardelli) [Project page]
OOPSLA'14 GPS: Navigating weak-memory with ghosts, protocols, and separation (with Turon, Dreyer) [Project page] [Earlier TR]
Automating the choices of consistency levels in replicated systems (with Li, Leitão, Clement, Preguiça, Rodrigues)
Tech.rep. A logical step forward in parametric bisimulations (with Hur, Neis, Dreyer) [Project page]

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