Anjo Vahldiek

vahldiek (at)

Tel: +49 681 9303 9124

Campus E1.5, Room 414 D-66123 Saarbuecken
I'm a PhD-student at the MPI-SWS and work with Peter Druschel (my advisor), Deepak Garg, Rodrigo Rodrigues and Johannes Gehrke. My research focuses on the design, build and evaluation of distributed and operating systems. Currently I focus on a novel storage system to protect it's important data by design.


  • Guardat/Trusted Storage (FAST'12 WiP, technical report, in submission)

    We present Guardat, an architecture that enforces rich data access policies at the storage layer. Users, application developers and system administrators can provide per-file policies to Guardat. Guardat enforces these policies and provides attestations about the state of stored files. With Guardat, the data integrity, confidentiality and access accounting rules for a collection of files can be stated as a single declarative policy. Policy enforcement relies only on the integrity of the Guardat controller and any external policy dependencies; it does not depend on correct software, configuration and operator actions in other parts of a system. Guardat allows developers, system administrators and third-party hosting platform providers to enforce concise, system-wide data protection policies based on a small trusted computing base (TCB), and to demonstrate their compliance to any party that trusts the Guardat layer. We present a design and prototype implementation of Guardat, show experimentally that the space and time overhead of making policy checks is low, and discuss applications and policies.

  • Storage lease (Technical report)

    We present a storage primitive called a storage lease. Data stored under a lease cannot be written for a pre-determined period. During the lease period, online data is protected from corruption due to security breaches, software errors, or accidental data deletion. Storage leases fill an important gap in the spectrum of data protection options because they combine strong integrity for online data with the ability to eventually reclaim storage. We define the storage lease primitive, show how it can be implemented in storage device firmware, and discuss its applications. A simulation-based evaluation indicates that storage leases have a modest performance cost for most workloads on magnetic disks. Using a small amount of flash memory, this overhead can be reduced to near zero.

  • Dependable Wireless Safety-Critical Hard-Real-Time Design (IEEE WoWMoM '11)

    Design, implementation and verification of a wireless electric bicycle brake using Chess's MyriaNed nodes and Modest. Assumptions: 250 ms total reaction time (100 ms mechanical reaction time, 150 ms for communication), no fail-safe, ~60% message loss rate. This video demonstrates the wireless bicycle brake.
    Press: Video (DRS 3 - Digital filming our demo at CeBit), CNN, ZDNet, CNET, GIZMODO, Engadget, Slashdot


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My detailed Resume [PDF]

  • Sep 2010 - Today: Graduate School MPI-SWS

    Advisor: Peter Druschel
    Main Lectures: Distributed Systems, Algorithms & Datastructures, Security

  • Oct 2009 - Sep 2010: Computer Science Graduate School at Saarland University

    Mentor: Holger Hermanns
    Main Lectures: Multicore System Architectures, Distributed Systems

  • Oct 2006 - Sep 2009: Cooperative State University Stuttgart with IBM (B.Sc.)

    Main Lectures: Computer Architectures, Operating Systems, Concurrent Programming
    Experiences: Cell Boradband Engine, Parallel Programming Models & Pattern, Distributed Query Execution, Informix

  • 2005: Freie University Berlin - "Mathematics for Computer Scientists I" (during senior high school)


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