Scott Kilpatrick //
MPI-SWS & Saarland University
I am looking for US industry jobs in the northeast. (CV)

5th year PhD student under Derek Dreyer
Foundations of Programming Group, PLV @ MPI-SWS
Max Planck Institute for Software Systems (MPI-SWS), Saarbrücken
» 2014 Graduate Student Representative (el Presidente), MPI-SWS
» 2015 Leader of Strategy & Communication group, Max Planck PhDnet

My research focuses on language design — specifically, in the intersection of module systems and type systems witnessed by functional programming languages. I'm interested in (dependent) type theory, constructive logic, proof engineering, and, generally, principled approaches to practical problems.

Primarily I've designed Backpack, a richer module system for Haskell, along with my advisor Derek Dreyer and Simon Peyton Jones (Microsoft Research) and Simon Marlow (Facebook). For more information, check the Backpack web page.

In 2010 we had a "Type Systems for Modules" seminar. Check the course web page for useful reading and commentary.

In the past I was an intern at Sun Labs working on the Fortress programming language. Before MPI-SWS I did my masters and bachelors at the University of Texas at Austin. I miss breakfast tacos.

  • Junior Max Planck researchers win reforms. Scott Kilpatrick, Caroline Behrens, Andreas Sorge, Leonard Burtscher, Andreea Scacioc. Science Careers, 2015. (article on web)
  • Backpack: Retrofitting Haskell with Interfaces. Scott Kilpatrick, Derek Dreyer, Simon Peyton Jones, and Simon Marlow. POPL 2014. (web page, abstract, paper pdf, draft appendix pdf, talk slides pdf)
  • Type Checking Modular Multiple Dispatch with Parametric Polymorphism and Multiple Inheritance. Eric Allen, Justin Hilburn, Scott Kilpatrick, Victor Luchangco, Sukyoung Ryu, David Chase, and Guy L. Steele Jr. OOPSLA 2011. (abstract, pdf)
  • Ad Hoc: Overloading and Language Design. Scott Kilpatrick. Master's thesis, University of Texas at Austin, 2010. (abstract, pdf)