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I am a final year PhD student at the Max Planck Institute for Software Systems. My advisors are Krishna Gummadi and Alan Mislove. I received my M.S degree in Computer Science & Engineering from IIT Madras where I was advised by Prof. C. Siva Ram Murthy. I completed my BTech from Govt. Model Engineering College, Kochi, Kerala.

I am broadly interested in systems security, privacy and data mining topics. My current work mostly focuses on limiting service abuse in large scale social computing systems.

I am very fortunate to visit and collaborate with some fantastic researchers during my PhD. I spent the summer of 2010 as an intern at MSR Redmond, working with Emre Kiciman and Stefan Saroiu. In 2011, I spent some time working with Alan Mislove at Northeastern University. In the summer of 2012, I was an intern working with Saikat Guha at MSR India.

Very recently, I started collaborating with Mark Crovella on some very exciting security topics.


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I enjoy photography a lot. Click the images below to view my work.