PhD in Systems @ MPI-SWS, 2010-2015


Since May 2015, I’m an independent research group leader in the Cluster of Excellence at TU Dresden, where I’m heading the Parallel and Distributed Systems group. 

My research interests are in designing and building computer systems. My current research projects are in the following three domains:

  • Distributed stream/big data analytics systems
    • Project: IncApprox [WWW’16]
  • Dependable systems leveraging the new processor ISA extensions
    • Projects: HAFT [EuroSys’16], Elzar [DSN’16], Inspector [ICDCS’16], TSX+MPX [WiP @ DSN’16]
  • Operating systems for the next generation of data-center computing
    • Project: RackOS [Poster @ EuroSys’16]


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