On 7th April, 2015, after spending 5 & 1/2 wonderful years at MPI-SWS, I graduated with a PhD in Computer Science. My PhD advisors were Rodrigo Rodrigues and Umut Acar. At MPI-SWS, I also worked with Björn Brandenburg, Pedro Fonseca and Alexander Wieder.

During my PhD, I got the opportunity to collaborate externally with Ruichuan Chen (Bell Labs), Flavio Junqueira (Microsoft Research), and Akshat Verma (IBM Research). I spent the summer of 2012 as a research intern working with amazing Dushyanth Narayanan in the Systems and Networking group at Microsoft Research Cambridge.

Prior to joining MPI-SWS, I worked as a member of technical staff at Adobe Systems (till the end of 2009) and in the HPC group (2008-2009) at IBM Research–India under the mentorship of Yogish Sabharwal. Before that, I was a graduate student at IIT Kanpur advised by Mainak Chaudhuri and late Sanjeev K. Aggarwal.